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Who we are.

We are World Revival Church.
 But more than just church, we are a community of people that love God with all that we are.

 We’re normal everyday folks that balance jobs, families and careers all while
  maintaining a strong desire to do extraordinary things for God. Our vision and
   purpose is to include God in every part of our lives.

    World Revival Church is a place of life for you and your family. The God we serve is
     life and hope. Revival is not just a good thought or a hyped up service, but an
     experience with the living God. It's an identity. It's an attitude. It defines Who We
    Are. You will meet a group of people who have been revived. Please join us for a
   Sunday service and see for yourself why people call World Revival Church home.

Senior Pastors: Steve & Kathy Gray Meet the Staff Our Whole Story
Energy! Life! And a lot of friendly people. God has touched our lives and our hope is that you’ll encounter Him too. We’re a community of people who care about one another. If you’re looking for friends, you’ll find them here.
We believe everyone deserves to experience God. And that you don’t really know who you are or who you can be until you do.

We believe Jesus is the Savior, fully God and fully man. He died for our sins and rose again for our LIFE. We believe He is part of the God-head, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God. A guidebook. A light. A way to live.

We believe God wants to be involved in every aspect of who we are. A relationship with Him might start with a "prayer of salvation" but that’s only the beginning. This is a lifetime of knowing Him. This is a forever commitment.

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Our worship is real. It’s honest. Sometimes it’s loud and sometimes it’s soft. We’ve met God and it shows.

The words to the songs we sing are on a screen so you can sing along. You’ll recognize some of the songs and hymns and get to learn new ones with us. We worship God with all we are and He comes near with all He is. You’ll sense it.
We don’t mind if you come in jeans or a three-piece suit. Thursday, Friday and Saturday services are normally more casual for us, but we kind of like to dress up on Sundays just to show God we care.
Your kids will love World Revival Church! WRC is a safe and happy place for children, and kids know it. They want to be here.

No matter how old your children are, we’ve got something just for them. There are also times when families are all together. Through the ministry and age breakdown of Sparks, FireHouse, Blazers, and Youth, your kids will experience God in a powerful way.

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What you'll find.

There are quite a few "What?" questions you might have when you first visit a church. We'll try and cover the bases here. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to send us your question.

When we meet.

Thursday Night Corporate Prayer 7:00pm Friday Night Revival Service 7:00pm Saturday Night 4Change Service 7:00pm Sunday Morning Revival Service 10:00am

Where we meet.

3 campuses 1 church

Why visit.

"Everyone deserves to experience the presence of God.
You don't know who you can be until you’ve met the Living God."

steve gray
Church should be the place where you meet God. At WRC, we do  everything we can to create an atmosphere where God will dwell.   Where He is, life happens! He restores our lives, our relationships    and our purpose for living.

   Our desire is to provide a place where you can connect with God,    make good friends and find fulfillment in your life. Join us this   Sunday and experience Life!

Watch the Sermon: Break Free From the Crowd

Come and Visit Us.

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