About World Revival Church

About World Revival Church

Whether you’re young or old, married or single, your life will get better as you connect to God and the friendly congregation of World Revival Church.

A growing, multicultural church, we’ve got ministries for all ages developed to help you experience the life-changing presence of God. At WRC, you’ll be equipped and empowered to live the good life God-intended for you and your family!

  • Your kids will flourish in the safe, happy environment of our children’s ministries. They’ll grow strong in God with this bible-centered ministry just for them!
  • Teens like the training and encouragement they receive in Blazers and Youth Ministries to pursue God’s plan for their lives.
  • And our adult ministries don’t leave anybody out, with Young Adults, Singles and Marrieds Ministries meeting regularly. They’re a great place to build friendships and build strength to live a successful life in God.

Since 1996 (when we were known as the “Smithton Outpouring”) and again in 2008 when we experienced an upsurge of God’s power, what God is doing at WRC attracts the attention of media and visitors from around the world. We’re known world-wide for our worship, solid teaching of the Word of God, prayer times, and the friendly faces of World Revival Church.

You’re going to enjoy your visit! If you’re looking for a place to find friends, encounter God and fulfill your destiny, WRC is the place to be. With over 35 years in the ministry, our senior and founding pastors Steve and Kathy Gray have a heart to see everyone experience the presence of God. Your life will get better at World Revival Church!

At WRC, you’ll find the equipping and empowering you need to live the good life God-intended!

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