These junior high students participate in hands-on training, exciting group activities, and powerful prayer. Blazers learn how to take God to their world. Every Thursday night, students experience teachings that range from resisting peer pressure to reaching the nations for Jesus.

What kids love the most about being a Blazer, is that they are empowered to preach, sing and pray for their peers. That's right, Blazer leaders work hard to make sure every child has the opportunity to minister as a Blazer!

Blazer trainings are founded in the Word of God, and are taught in innovative ways so that students can readily apply the teachings to the lives they live. Immediately following the Blazer's class, students have another exciting opportunity to put into practice what they have just learned by joining with the Firehouse class at 8:30 p.m. and leading prayer and worship, taking the offering and preaching passionate sermons from the Bible.

The purpose of Blazers is to empower junior high students to become strong Christian leaders in their church, home and school. All visitors are welcome and will make new friends in a fast-paced and fun environment! We believe that no one is too young to be a blazing light to the world!

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