The Smithton Story

The Smithton Story

Smithton Community ChurchHistory often blinds with its immensity, causing us to forget the obscurity from which it came. This irony is certainly exemplified in the history of World Revival Church.

The demonstration of power presently observed at World Revival Church often overshadows the humble beginnings of the congregation. The first meeting transpired on April 19, 1984 in a dilapidated nineteenth century meetinghouse with only thirteen people present. In spite of small numbers, they continually sought the Lord. Through relentless devotion and insatiable hunger, God later ignited the flames of a national spiritual awakening in their midst.

On March 24, 1996, the Spirit of God swept into the humble congregation. One member wrote, "I can’t explain what happened but something very supernatural took place. God walked in and we felt His presence. The entire church ran to the altar and started leaping, dancing and praising God with all that was within us."

Pastor Steve Gray and the congregation found themselves thrust into an internationally recognized movement. In the years that followed, visitors from fifty states and over seventy nations came to worship in the revival. The explosive meetings captured the attention of Newsweek, Time Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and numerous Christian publications.

Smithton Community ChurchAfter almost 1,100 services, the congregation found itself in a quandary due to a lack of room. The demand of the world at their doorstep for a move of God caused the church to soon outgrow its facilities. With crowds from 50 states and 70 nations descending on the town of 532, it soon became clear that the Outpouring needed more room. Almost 70 families left loved ones, jobs and homes for the first time in history, to move to another city to follow the fire.

In June 2000, the Lord miraculously opened the doors to build an 1,800-seat sanctuary on 62 spacious acres in Kansas City. During the hottest summer and coldest winter of Kansas City’s history, the church temporarily met in a tent. The first services in the new sanctuary, completed in under six months, began on January 5, 2001.

The power of the Holy Spirit continues to transform; bringing salvation, healing and deliverance. World Revival School of Ministry, World Revival Network and numerous other ministries were founded to equip and train those touched by the revival.

By the Lord’s hand, a humble rural congregation was transformed into a world changing ministry. Perhaps the prophet Zechariah said it best when he wrote, "Whoever has despised the day of small things shall rejoice, and shall see..."

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