God changes the lives of FireHouse kids again!

God changes the lives of FireHouse kids again!

Every week in FireHouse, kids get the opportunity to pray for one another, and they really know how to get RESULTS! Not only do the children participate in powerful prayer, by they also get to share their testimonies! Here are just a few:

“As I was praising, one of the other kids prayed for me, and I felt a heavy weight leave. I fell to my knees and felt the power of God like I’ve never felt it before,” declared one FireHouse kid.

“When I came in tonight, I couldn’t hear very well. Then, when I got prayer, I could hear all the way!” testified a boy who was visiting from out of town.

Hudson said, “I was one of the prayer warriors, and when I prayed, I could feel freedom coming to me and coming back out of me to the other kids!”

Another night, the kids prayed about freedom from jealousy and anger. Listen to how their lives were changed:

One boy said, “I’m always getting into fights with my brother, but when I got prayer, I felt all the selfishness leave!”

“I used to get angry about everything that anybody would say to me. Tonight, I cried out to God, and I feel free!” testified another girl.

“I felt angry about something, but when God touched me during prayer, I didn’t feel angry anymore!” said a boy with a bright smile on his face.

Every week, God is showing up to FireHouse to change lives and make fresh testimonies!

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