You’re not on your own

You’re not on your own

Everyone needs prayer! I remember wishing at different times in my life that there was someone that would encourage and pray with me. With everything that comes at you everyday... job, family, bills, and such - people need prayer more than ever.

The church I grew up in only offered prayer if you were dying or getting saved. Sounds like a pretty empty space between the two. What did you do between salvation and death?

That is where the House of Hope and Healing comes in. Pastor Steve and Kathy Gray have created a beautiful 6,000 square foot timber frame home for the sole purpose of praying for you! Whether you need prayer for your marriage, bank account, job or relationship with God, the volunteers at the House of Hope and Healing will intercede for you.

You don't have to be on your own. Let us fight for you! Call or come by for prayer!

 Call 1.877.804.5433 Ext. 707 or click here to get directions to visit.


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