Why do YOU go to church?

Why do YOU go to church?

Today, I have asked a 15 year old from World Revival Church Youth to be my guest blogger!  He answers the question that I think most adults and maybe even some leaders would stumble answering. ~Pastor James

Why do I go to Church?

First of all, I’ve been coming to this church ever since I can remember. We used to make trips back and forth from Columbia, MO to a small town known as Smithton, MO. The church was called Smithton Community Church back then. I never knew what I was really into. I just went because my parents found it and got powerfully touched by God.

As I got older the church has changed and grown.  I also was able to fully experience God’s power and grace. Then they changed how many times a week we would go to church. I really didn’t care; I live and breathe this church. It is my life and my all. Because here I met The Savior of the World, The King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s, how can it get any better.

It’s my purpose to restore God’s glory on this earth. Every time I walk through those doors I have a chance to do that. I have the opportunity to be in this place and experience God. It should be more than Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Everyday we can restore God’s glory. This church is just another way to do that. The unified body of Christ gathering to meet with God. I’ve been so thankful to be a part of this worldwide revival! — by Chris Haywood


I can totally relate to Chris in what he wrote. Although, I did not grow up in a church on fire like Smithton. He hit the nail on the head by stating the change in motives for going to church. At first it is just to escape hell. Then in the end, you just want God. You want God on his terms. You don't care what happens to you. You just want him. Chris did a great job on this blog. It was exactly what I needed this night. All you all are so annointed. I love this church and I love yall.

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