What's it going to be like in Heaven?

What's it going to be like in Heaven?

I'm sure, like me, you have wondered what Heaven is going to be like. 

Six months ago this question was heavy on my heart because my wife's 51 year old sister died.  A beautiful healthy woman, mother, and wife one moment and then suddenly she was gone. 

Not much could be said to ease the shock, especially to her husband of 25 years and young adult sons; but one thing we could hold on to was the fact that we knew she loved Jesus.  The promise of the Word "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord" rang loud and clear in our hearts. 

It doesn't stop the grieving but it is a reassuring hope to know she is in His presence.  So I began to think about what she was doing.  You know those pictures of heaven you see either with the beautiful lake and cabin in the woods or huge shiny mansions,  but I couldn't put Julie in one of those pictures.  I couldn't see her sitting on the porch in a rocking chair watching the beautiful sunset.  She was still so young and full of life. 

And then just a few weeks ago in one of our services God gave me a really vivid picture of heaven.  It wasn't the pearly gates and streets of gold but it was a glorious picture of the magnificence of His presence and the role of the saints in heaven. 

We were having one of those services here at WRC where the presence of God was falling strong.  We were singing "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord" The air was thick with His presence.  I looked back at the hundreds that were worshiping with me, with hands outstretched and faces of adoration turned towards Jesus and I thought...this is what Heaven must be like....

and in an instant the Lord spoke to my heart and said "this is just one snowflake compared to a blizzard in heaven" My mind and heart exploded with the magnitude of that picture. What I was experiencing of His tangible presence  was just a drop in the bucket compared to heaven. 

So now I know what Julie is doing in heaven.  She isn't sitting around watching the grass grow or enjoying her mansion she is joining with the measureless throng and crying out forever and ever "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord!


Please send my thoughts of sorry to your wife regarding her sister. There is that longing to see loved ones again, but Pastor Brian what God gave you brings even a greater longing...to see our savior and to carry out the tasks that give us joy. I love you Pastor Brian. Thank you fo much for serving God and serving this church. God Bless You!

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