Special impartation service - equipping the 5-fold ministry!

Special impartation service - equipping the 5-fold ministry!

Kathy and I are spending two days at Branson with the family, trying to catch our breath a little... yet the ministry work never ceases. My family sometimes wishes cell phones did not exist!

While we’ve been away, you’ve been on our minds. We feel like this weekend is a good time to set aside special ministry moments for you. We’ve planned two special nights…

Friday night, we’ve planned a special impartation service. We’re going to lay hands on everyone who’s ready to step into the anointings and giftings that the church needs NOW. That includes the five-fold ministry gifts - so get ready for a powerful night!

Saturday night, Kathy is believing for healing to flow in BIG ways, so she’ll be praying for everyone who needs the healing power of God to flow in their body. God is moving and things are happening right now that you’ll want to be a part of!

Speaking of the five-fold gifts, I believe the church desperately needs the building up that the 5-fold ministry is meant to supply. Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers – they all have a role to help the church be what it’s meant to be.

I think the American church has suffered because people have gotten carried away with the idea of an “office” or a “position.” We’d have stronger churches and stronger people if we think more on the lines of function. What does a prophet do? What role does an apostle play in the daily workings of the church?

Start thinking in those terms, and we’ll start seeing the church shine a little brighter in the world. After all, the 5-fold ministry is supposed to equip God’s people for service. Bottom line? If we can equip better, then God’s people can serve better – and reach the world better.

There’s nothing glorious about the ministry. It’s hard work and much of it is unseen. But if you’re up to the task, Kathy and I are ready to pray for you Friday night. Hope to see many of you there! (and come for healing on Saturday!)

Yours for revival,

Steve Gray

Photo: Let Kathy and I lay our hands on you this Friday night!


where is this special impartation service held? Will Steve and Kathy be in Toronto, Canada in the near future?


Hi, Jessie,

The special service was held at World Revival Church of Kansas City. I encourage you to watch for my message in our free revival resources (sermons) or go to our bookstore to download or purchase. It was from 6/24.

In the meantime, Kathy and I don't have plans at the moment for Toronto, but I encourage you to visit us in Kansas City sometime this summer. Trust me - you'll walk away with a good deposit in your soul!

Great to hear from you - Steve

Dear Steve,

Thou I cannot be with you I am the other side of the world but I believe that Yahweh God is about to do something big! I have sent you an email for this thursday ,I cannot be with you but am reaaly desparate from Yahwheh God for an impartation Amen. Will be watching you tonight. Brother Patrice

Halleluyah in UK birmingham!

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