Something fresh from God

Something fresh from God

Over the years of revival, we have had some great moments in God. Explosive, life-changing, calendar-marking moments… but they weren’t free. People paid a sacrifice for those moments. Kathy and I and many others gave of our lives to accommodate what God wanted to do at World Revival Church.

I’m setting up in my mind a vision of what I would like to see on this property, these 63 acres of land we own in Kansas City. I feel we’ve got the next two years to gear up for something fresh from the Lord. We’re working towards a new building and I have hopes to touch the world in a greater way than ever before.

But before we reach that place, it’s going to take some sacrifice. It’s going to take people who are intent on making the house of the Lord a worship center. It’s going to take people who are ready to do the hard work.

My plan is to raise some of you up to step forward in this fresh move. Others may reap the benefit. Others may get the dramatic life-change. We’ll all benefit as God works in our midst in new ways.

I consider it a privilege to say I’m a servant of the Lord. I hope you do too. Let’s pay the price. Let’s do the work and gear up together for something fresh from the Lord.

Yours for revival,

Steve Gray

Photo: There’s a real spiritual connection with our friend Pastor Marcin, our newest Revival Wired church in Poland. I feel I have gained a true son in the Lord, someone I can help raise up for revival.

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