Somebody's Watching- An update from the Online Pastor

Somebody's Watching- An update from the Online Pastor

Ever wonder how many people are actually watching World Revival Church services.  As the Online Pastor here at WRC, I think about this every week. I am amazed to see thousands are watching and logging on from all over the world and at all hours of the day and night just to participate in our revival services.

Here is a list of  of the countries that are streaming our revival services over the internet...

China, Portugal, France, Canada, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Israel, Poland, Argentina, Romania, Russia, India, Greece, Egypt, Austria, Antigua & Barbados, Bahamas, Malaysia, Uganda, Mali, Jamaica, Mexico and of course all over the United States. 

Not only are they watching revival but they are responding.  Their lives are being changed by the power and presence of God.  What a privilege for me to read their email testimonies and join with them in prayer. 

To those who are watching - thank you for being a part of revival!  

Bryan Riportella - Online Pastor


You are welcome.  Please tell your friends to watch or better yet invite them to join with you.  Thanks again for being a part of the streaming family.

Pastor Bryan

I've been watching streaming live for several month's now and I absolutely love it. It is the only thing that keep's me alive spiritually. The churches here are soooo dead and dry. So complacent. My sister and I are planning a trip to WRC in Sept. Hopefully it won't fall thru this time like it has two other times. The devil has really been fighting us on making this trip (wonder why?)

This is an excellect move of God in Revival that has waited for us to be born on Earth to see and be in. What would Wesley, Whitefield or Finney have done with all this? God used men then on horseback, travelling on boats to bring the Word of God to the world. Now we can go around the world by a flip of a switch in every nation. God reviving and save us.

What a wonderful thought! I expect that Wesley, Whitefield, Finney, Wigglesworth and many other heroes would be astounded by the progress of communiacation that we now have and they would be shouting Halleluyah!

Yes we are watching and learning. We greatly appreciated having you at Bowling Green First Assembly. God Bless you all! Dan Draper Adairville,KY

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