Relentless and Courageous

Relentless and Courageous

Can you be doing the right thing and still seem to be losing the battle?

God had commmanded the men of Israel, telling them, "Go out and fight against them" (Judges 20:23) The Israelite's battle was against Benjamin's wickedness.

The Israelites went into battle thinking that God would give them the victory the first time! Instead, they were defeated twice before they prevailed.

You may go into battle thinking the same thing. "I am going to win the battle, the first time, everytime."  Have you won every battle the first time? I haven't won every battle the first time either.

This is why it is so important not to interpret one lost battle as meaning that God is not with you. Your enemy may win a battle, but he won't win the war. You are fighting the Lord's battles, not your own.

Casualities do happen in war, but victory comes to the one who keeps asking God's for advice and strength. Twice the Isrealites"took courage" by getting into God's presence. They knew what they were fighting for was just and right and that the war was not over until they had won.

Getting into the presence of God gets you courage, and makes you relentless in battle. I remember what Pastor Steve said, "Christians have plenty of strength to win the battle, but not the heart to fight."

I don't know two more relentless and courageous people, than Pastor Steve & Kathy. Follow their example! Don't give up! Get up! Get into the presence of God! Become relentless in battle!

Don't doubt in the darkness what God gave you in the light. God always has the better strategy, so become relentless in doing the right thing. "Fight the good fight of faith." 2 Timothy 6:12


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