Putting faith in its place at Christmas time

Putting faith in its place at Christmas time

My sister recently called us with the news she has been diagnosed with cancer. After talking with her I realized she really had two choices. She could plan to die, or she could plan to live. She decided she will plan to live.

The disease is going to be treated by faith in God, prayer, and therapy. What a tragedy if she had made plans to die - to see herself as the victim of the disease, give up, and so interrupt life through the fear and pain of cancer. I really like her confident faith and hope in Jesus, and Mary and I are joining our faith with hers. I remember Pastor Steve saying that faith not only pleases God, it also makes for a sure, certain, and confident person. Do you know why?

Because faith needs to be aimed; it needs a place to be put. When it is aimed and placed in Jesus Christ, it will birth and build hope. Hope is the confident expectation of good coming to you. My sister wants to live, and so we are placing our confident faith and hope in Jesus. This is what helps make salvation so great. Salvation includes deliverance, healing, pardon, rescue, protection, preservation, provision and restoration. It is God breaking into your life here and now with His great presence and power.

What do you want this Christmas time? Whether you realize it or not, you face that decision daily. This Christmas time I hope you make the choice to live. Don't play or become the victim to your circumstances. Put faith in its place so that you have a confident hope in your heart and for your home, for your relationships both family and friend, and for other people. I have a confident hope you will see great deliverance, pardon, rescue, healing, protection, provision and restoration come to you and through you.

Put faith in its place during this Christmas time.


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