New kids worship music - why it's needed

New kids worship music - why it's needed

I’m so excited about the upcoming release of our new kid’s worship album, Kids Ablaze! Hearts on Fire. The iTunes and CD release is August 10th and many people have worked hard to make this dream a reality.

Kids today have so many influences that can compete with their love for God. When Steve and I talked about something special we could do to help kids stay true to the Lord, the first thing we thought of was MUSIC.

How about a kids CD with MUSIC that captures the heart of a child… Music that reminds kids of how big God is and how he will be there for them in the good times and bad… Music that helps them worship God.

Kids Ablaze! Hearts on Fire is all that and more. Fun songs like “Beat Beat Beat” and “The Cha Cha Song” have a great beat and solid words for kids to sing out to God.

Our granddaughter Ally’s song (co-written with Mary Seidler) called “I Want to Be Holy” is all about living a holy life for God. Her lyrics, “Overwhelm my heart, heal every scar, do what You need to do…” bring healing and purpose to kids who have gone through some tough times.

If you have kids or you’re involved in children’s ministry, you’ll want to check out this new worship for kids. Stay tuned by connecting to our SGM Publishing Facebook here.


Kathy Gray

Photo: Here’s a fun photo of the rehearsals for Kids Ablaze! Hearts on Fire!

P.S. Watch for this release at our Inside Out Conference on August 10th and on iTunes!

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