The goal of revival: People who do things for God!

The goal of revival: People who do things for God!

Do you know what the goal of revival is? I love how Pastor Tom Trout worded it this past Thursday night in prayer: The goal of revival is a revived church. A people who are ALIVE – walking, speaking and DOING things for God!

You were meant to reach into other’s lives. You were destined to be a fisher of men! If you’ve experienced true revival, then something has been poured into you that needs to come out again!

We’re changing up our prayer focus on Thursday nights. We’re asking God to give us the Kansas City metro area, and the only way for that to happen is if we all have one mind and one vision to reach those around us.

God send us! Give us holy boldness to obey the Spirit’s prompting and LOVE PEOPLE with everything you have poured into us!

Can you sense the new level of responsibility God is placing on our lives?

We’ve seen the nations on our doorstep. Now we need to see our friends and neighbors.

Have you been revived? Then my word to you is get your net out and start fishing. DO SOMETHING with everything God has done in your life.

It’s time, gang! We can do this. We can reach our city for God.


Kathy Gray

P.S. on my photo: Our Outdoor Café will feature live music as part of our Sizzling Summer Saturdays! This is a NET, friends, to gather people into our lives!


I pray that The Lord empty me of "me" and fill me with more of Him!! I want to be on fire for Him. I had been going out and sharing Christ with the people in my town, and going to a nursing home in my neighborhood with my Pastor and a few other people from my church. Then I got sick,had 2 surgeries and through other "issues" in my life, I have lost the boldness that I had prayed for. I hadn't been going out for long when the illness's took place. I can't seem to find my way back, although I am praying for it and I am desiring more hunger and thirst for Him in my life. I want to go out with the Fire that I have seen on many in this area of Florida. I know that I have to have the Living Water inside of me in order for it to pour out of me. I also know that The Lord is filling people with His Fire so they can go out from the 4 walls of the church and fulfill the Great Commission. I want to be a part of this. Please pray for me!!! Carol

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