Fire of God

Fire of God

A common word or phrase you hear around revival a lot is the "fire of God."  Having a burning, fiery presence of God on you and in you is a pretty good sign of revival life happening, both in you and your church.

Recently there has been quite a bit of talk around WRC and the Network about building the fireplace to hold the fire.  What this is about is the infrastructure of the church.  What are the beliefs, organizational structures, administrative practices and basic day to day actions of doing business and being the church?  The question being asked is, "Are the ways of your local church happening in such a way as to be conducive to receiving and sustaining revival fire in you and your church?"

Having revival in your church is about more than just having God touch you.  There are elements to preparing and igniting a fire and then there are things that have to happen to keep that fire going, things that will feed and sustain the flames.  The Network Operations Seminar will touch on some of the very practical realities of Church operation and revival life that leaders need to be aware of for revival fire.

Recently the Lord opened my eyes to another aspect of revival fire.  He reminded me of my early years when I was growing up.  I lived on a small farm and we used to build bonfires to burn up the abundant dry brush and clean the ground.  There were ways of stacking or piling the brush or wood in order to promote it burning hot and strong.  You always started with smaller and dryer kindling to get the inital ignition flames going.  But as the fire grew you added progressively larger pieces and even greener pieces and they would burn as well.  But you did need to tend the fire and sort of pastor what was happening.

One thing I learned was that to put the fire out or cause it to burn less hotly we used rakes and pulled the burning material apart and separated it from other burning pieces.  If you wanted the flames to increase you piled on more fuel and pushed the burning branches closer together.  Did you ever wonder why the Devil and our flesh work so hard to keep the Body of Christ divided and disunified.  The flames of revival could burn and will burn more strongly and effectively as we are pressed together and brought together.  We don't need little camp fires, we need a roaring Altar of God full of the Fire of God.  Pulling away, pulling back or out, not being apart of fellowship, forsaking the assembling of ourselves together will always diminish the flame of revival.  Rubbing against those we aren't exactly like not only polishes and  smoothes us so we are more beautiful and more easily placed in the wall of the city but it also creates more friction and heat for the flame of revival.

Don't let your fire go out.  Press in and get close, gather together with others that are on fire and let the Fire of God burn more brightly and hotly. 

Pastor Tom

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