A day that changed my life forever

A day that changed my life forever

It was seventeen years ago, the day my son was almost taken from this earth.  

Nicholas was helping me, as much as a four year old could, with a big landscaping project at the church.  We were at the rental place picking up a five hundren pound chipper on a two wheel trailer.  While I was changing the ball of the hitch Nicholas, unknown to me, decided to climb on the trailer.  As he was swinging on the yoke of the trailer he fell to the ground face up and the trailer and chipper came crashing down on his face.  I turned and grabbed the trailer and was able to lift it off of him.  All I could see was blood and his skull and nose bone showing through.  I snatched him up into my arms, held him tightly to my chest and began to pray like I had never prayed before.

The merry go round of life came to a screaching halt.  All those things that seemed important fell off the chart.  My one and only focus was God save my son!  I experienced a miralce that day as I held Nicholas in my arms and we sped to the hopsital in a city police car.  God came down and spared my son's life.  I could feel his life slipping away and I felt as if I would die with him, but God heard my cries. 

When we got to the hospital they took him from me and I went to the waiting room and fell to the floor and continued to pray.  It did not matter what anybody else thought, my son must live.  A few moments later they came out to tell me that Nicholas had major lacerations but not even a concussion.  The only broken bone was a small chip on his nose.  They had already called in the plastic surgeon to sew him up.  A few hours and a few hundred stiches later we were able to see him, quite sedated and very swollen but our boy was alive! 

There was no explaination for why that force did not kill him, except for the hand of God.  When the trailer was investigated later, the officer said it tipped over easily and when the yoke hit the gournd it gouged out the parking lot. 

Now as I write this I know there are parents who have experienced the horror of losing their child.  I only began to taste that pain and I pray with great compassion for your broken hearts to be healed.

Why God spared Nicholas I do not know for sure but I have made sure he knew God had spared him.  Every milestone he passes in life I look at with great appreciation. 

Today Nicholas is studying to be a paramedic and also taking a class at World Revival School of Ministry.  I am very proud of the man he has become and how together we have enjoyed many life changing days in the presnece of Almighty God!

I would like to challenge parents today to not have to wait for a trajedy to make you see what is really important.  Choose today to enjoy life and expereience the life changing power of God with your children.

The best adivce I could give you today for your children is to plant them in a place where their lives and destiny can be set to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. World Revival School of Minsitry and World Revival Church is just that place. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any quetions about our school. Come and join Nick and me in a place that will change your life forever!



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