Changed Lives

Changed Lives

Every year when we start our new school quarter I look forward with great expectancy of seeing lives changed right before my eyes. 

It happens over and over again.  A student comes into school expecting we will be just like any other school and boy do they find out quickly that is not the case.  One student said to me "you guys don't just care about putting knowledge in our heads you want us to get this in our hearts", well spoken. 

Some students come in with heads hanging down and shoulders slumped as they carry the weight of the world. Others come in with chests poking out and noses in the air thinking now that they have arrived we will be able to have a spiritual class.  Whether it is a broken spirit or one that needs to be humbled, God comes in and I watch supernatural transformation take place. 

Nothing and no one can do what the power and presence of God can to change a life.  The Holy Spirit comes down and hearts melt, as men and women become a new creation.  This should not be unusual but it has been my experience that outside of what God is doing here, it is.

Why is it that so many people who wear the title "Christian"  never become that new creation.  I think it is because no one has told them otherwise.  They are led to believe being a Christian means saying a prayer to accept Jesus.  Jesus needs no acceptance from man, we need to fall on our faces and cry out that He will accept us as we present ourselves as living sacrifices, conformed to His will and His purposes. 

Here at World Revival School of Ministry we are teaching our students to become that new creation.  Old things must pass to make room for the new.  We will not accept the mediocre.  We are endeavoring to raise up true examples of Christ, those who have chosen to no longer live for themselves but for Him who died and rose again.   It is time for the church to be the example of changed lives that bring honor and not shame to Jesus.   

I can't wait to see who is going to become a new creation this quarter, maybe it will be you!   

Pastor Bryan Riportella

Dean of World Revival School of Ministry


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