Can you have church growth - and revival?

Can you have church growth - and revival?

I’ve got to admit I’m glad we’re past the holidays and back to work! I’m excited as we look to 2011 (or as Kathy would say – the new decade). One thing I am encouraging my church with is outreach and evangelism.

Some churches think that if we have a real move of God, it’s just “for us.” They’ve already decided the world doesn’t want it.

I’ve even heard people go so far as to say you’re either going to have revival or you’ll have church growth. You can’t have one with the other.

I beg to differ on that. The world needs what we’ve got. The world needs to know that the kingdom of God is here -  that God is real - AND that you can encounter him in church! (at least you should be able to…)

I really believe you can have revival and grow a church at the same time. God’s called us to be fishers of men, doing all we can to “catch” men and reel them in. If we do it right, we can gather people in without giving up our “catch” of the Holy Spirit and his movement in our lives and churches.

There are ways to get crowds of people, but there’s only one way to change a life.

I’m not a big one for being seeker-sensitive. If they’re seeking, why not give them what they’re looking for? Let’s help them encounter the presence of the living God flowing in us and through us.

The old-fashioned way of evangelism always works. I’m encouraging my congregation at World Revival Church to break through the impersonal barriers of the modern world we live in and really reach out to people. To reach up first – and then reach out with a Presence that can truly touch a life. Be real people, but be revived people with something great to share with the world.

We won’t diminish what God’s doing in this place, but we’re going to work hard to get a good catch this year. Let’s have revival - and let’s break out the walls with church growth in 2011!

Yours for revival,

Steve Gray

P.S. You won't want to miss the special guests joining us in revival the next few weeks: Sid Roth, Jennifer O'Neill and Roy Fields.



Dear Pastors Steve and Kathy Gray, Revival greetings from Sam Kumar in India !

I was looking for revival churches on line and found about your movement. I am a graduate of Regent University in Virginia Beach.

We are pray for revival and conducting a conference from Mar 23-25 in Guntur India. We are are inviting more than 1000 pastors and leaders to share on revival. The Holy Spirit was poured in 1905-1906 in 7 different places in my state. We are asking the Lord to dig the wells and and redig the old wells. We are gathering to pray and seek the Lord.

We need your prayers and blessings. Please have your Churches pray for us. We need abundant outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

You can contact at or call me at 91-9866113426.

Revival waves are on the way, Sam

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