Are you looking for treasure?

Are you looking for treasure?

Before revival first touched our lives in 1996, our congregation in that little country town spent two and a half years praying. We prayed for revival, that God would make us a house of healing AND that he would send people to us.

We promised God we would let him teach us how to take care of the ones he sent. Thousands and thousands showed up and they became our treasure. We loved them, prayed for them, and helped them connect with the presence of the living God.

We are in a brand new season of looking and searching for treasures. Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost – and that is our mandate too.

Our purpose on this earth is to be seekers…

Your mission in life is to seek and save what’s been lost – what belongs in the Father’s house.

You are his hands, his eyes, his mouth, looking for those who need healing and rescue. Together, we are searching out those who need to know the Father!

Jesus was looking. And he told his disciples to look, too. Look at the fields! They are ripe already!

That’s my word to you today. Lift up your eyes and LOOK! People are our treasure and they are ready and waiting for someone to reach out to them.

Go find them, gang.


Kathy Gray

Photo: Pastor Steve and I are finding creative new ways to reach people. Revival Wired services are helping us reach all the way around the world with God’s love and powerful presence!  

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