WRC sound and stage featured in Church Production magazine

WRC sound and stage featured in Church Production magazine

World Revival Church is the feature article in the latest edition of Church Production magazine, a publication focused on helping churches with the technical side of “doing church.” Worship Without Bounds shares the details of the sound and lighting systems at WRC that help create an atmosphere for people to encounter God.

Sound experts described one of the challenges facing WRC in providing good, full sound coverage in the sanctuary was the “active” audience. Nathan York, of Progressive Electronics in Raytown, Missouri describes, "They sing… they don't necessarily stay at their seats, let alone remain seated… We had to evenly cover the entire floor at seated and standing height without overly exciting the walls or ceiling."

The sound challenges were resolved with a new Bose RoomMatch loudspeaker system. "We have been extremely pleased with the system," says Bill Gilpin, WRC church manager. "The clarity and coverage in the room has allowed us to decrease the volume when we want to, which makes for a more positive worship experience."

Good lighting is also an important component to worship at World Revival Church, especially with the needs for online streaming and TV. “Lighting plays an important part in setting the mood for the congregation during worship,” shares David Woodworth, WRC technical director. “For each song we select colors, patterns and brightness levels to match and support the lyrics or what the band is playing."

For more information about the technical aspect of worship at World Revival Church, click here for the full article from Church Production magazine.

Pastors and leaders: if you would like to tour the WRC facility and get input from our technical team for your church, please call 1.877.804.5433 or local, 1.816.763.0708.

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