Unusual healings in revival- ADHD, memory healed

Unusual healings in revival- ADHD, memory healed

God continues to move powerfully at World Revival Church and unusual healings are happening. Even ADHD and memory problems are disappearing at the Kansas City revival led by Pastors Steve and Kathy Gray. Revival is restoring lives to the fullness they were meant to be!

Labeled with ADHD, Elizabeth traveled to Kansas City from Minnesota. She wasn’t sure what to expect in the services, but she wanted to connect with a cousin whose life had been transformed by the revival.

“I get out of sorts, I couldn’t focus,” Elizabeth shares, describing her symptoms of ADHD. “Usually it took 5 or 6 times for me to read something. I get distracted easily.” Attending services Thursday through Sunday, God began to do a powerful work in Elizabeth’s life.

Sunday morning Elizabeth joined the line-up of testimonies at World Revival Church. With a bright smile, she shared, “This morning I could read again! I can focus! I have hope now!” God had ripped the ADHD label off her life.

Karen from Idaho also experienced an interesting healing this past weekend. A young woman who suffered from memory problems, she described herself as unable to retain information. She literally couldn’t remember what she did just yesterday, or the week before. It was very frustrating for her.

During Friday night’s service, Karen received a powerful touch as Pastor Kathy prayed for her. Karen’s life changed at that moment. “It’s truly a miracle. I’m retaining information,” she told the crowd on Saturday night.

She went on to tell the information and details she was now able to retain, like what she did the day before and other details that previously would have escaped her memory. “It sounds ridiculous, but it’s amazing!” With a new lease on life, Karen encouraged the congregation and those watching by streaming video, “God can touch your life like He’s doing for me!”

Are you suffering from a sickness or disease? God still heals today, and people from around the world are experiencing healing at the Kansas City revival. You could be the next testimony!

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