Streamers grab hold of revival

Streamers grab hold of revival

“I can feel God come into my room…” “I felt the power come through the screen…” “We watch every service…” “Why, why can’t churches ALL awaken?” –WRC streamers.

Streamers experience God in powerful ways through the live streaming of World Revival Church services. Over 122 nations visit the WRC website monthly – and many of them live stream to experience revival.

“We’ve learned how to send the Spirit through the airwaves,” mentioned Pastor Steve Gray, referring to the fairly recent technology of streaming video. It’s been a lifesaver to many individuals, families and churches.

Simon leads worship in Holland and connects weekly through streaming video. For him, watching wasn’t enough. He traveled to WRC this January. “There’s no place on the face of the earth where the presence of God is so strong,” he shared. “Everything about Jesus is in this place!”

It was “too much” for Ron from Iowa when he first watched WRC on streaming video. He visited and shared, “When we walked in the door, we knew this was genuine.” He encourages streamers, “Come here! You must come here and experience.”

Jeff has been streaming from Michigan because all the churches nearby were “dead.” He made his trek to Kansas City this past weekend. “There’s nothing like this! So much power, so much movement through God,” he exclaimed.

For him, there’s no going back. “My mind is set – I’m coming here. I’m going to school [World Revival School of Ministry].”

Bernard and Sheila watch from England. Again, watching was not enough for them and they had to experience revival firsthand. “It was like walking into a reservoir,” they shared after their weekend in Kansas City.

Abe is in the military and streams. “Something inside of me wanted more from this place,” he shared. He booked a ticket and spent a weekend in revival. “It’s been amazing,” he said. “This is mind-blowing, it’s shocking, it’s power!”

We love our streaming video friends! Keep on streaming… call in for prayer or just to shout out and let us know you’re watching… and MAKE PLANS to spend a weekend with us. Pastor Steve’s heart is for you to “come to Kansas City so we can have a chance to pour into you!”

Click here to watch live streaming or check the schedule for our rebroadcast times. Streamers- call in and connect with us during services! Toll-free: 1.877.804.5433  

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