Revival update: Healings and miracles

Revival update: Healings and miracles

“The Doctor is in the house,” Pastor Steve Gray declared this past Friday night at World Revival Church. Testimonies of healings and miracles confirm it. God is present to heal in these revival services.

Here’s an update on the most recent healing testimonies: (Please keep in mind these are only from the past two weeks. Take a minute to read these amazing stories!)

• Susan suffered a medical crisis five years ago that left her with multiple “residual problems” like fatigue and breathlessness. It forced her to stay indoors during hot summer months in Kentucky, and, in her words, “It ruined my quality of life!”

She received prayer and was able to testify that all of the debilitating symptoms completely cleared up. “Everyone’s noticed,” she shared, “My family, my friends and even my grandchildren!”

• In December of 1999, Melissa’s foot was almost completely cut off in a car wreck. Doctors fused her ankle and she went through surgery after surgery in an attempt to improve her mobility.

In revival, Melissa began to believe that God could intervene. She received prayer and when she went back to the doctors they were astounded.

Looking at new x-rays they told her, “You have an ankle joint!” A creative miracle had happened! Melissa now believes that, “God can do anything!”

• Vicki had hit rock bottom when she made her trip to revival. Chronic pain had left her hopeless. She got prayer and later testified, “I have no pain. I have hope now!”

• After complications from spinal surgery, Bruce had not been able to sleep well for the past two years. He would move from a mat on the floor to a recliner and back all night, trying to get comfortable and out of pain.

He came to World Revival Church to get closer to God, but God singled him out on Thursday night during corporate prayer. Pastor Kathy prayed for him and Bruce testified on Sunday of God’s healing power, “[Since receiving prayer] I slept great… I slept in a bed for the first time in two years!”

• Tiffany was dealing with infertility problems and things were just not right. She received prayer and felt a “pop” inside. “I knew something was different,” she shared.

A miracle had happened – and within a week the pregnancy tests came back positive. She’s now expecting and excited about other good things God is doing in her family.

• A 4 year-old boy received God’s healing touch through a phone call to the House of Hope and Healing, the outreach prayer ministry of WRC. He had just been electrocuted and it was a crisis situation.

Although doctors said it was a miracle he had even survived the jolt, he was non-responsive and gray in color. The situation did not look good. His mom called for prayer and later shared, “I’ve never felt the presence of God like that before.”

Immediately, her son began to respond and his condition went uphill from that moment on. By evening he was talking and eating, something the doctors could hardly believe. This little boy’s life was spared by the healing power of God.

The list continues of recent healings and miracles in revival… like Faith who experienced a creative miracle in her lungs after severe damage from black mold… or Michael who was healed and set free from an addiction to prescription narcotics… or Chelsea who was healed from complications with a mouth surgery…

The Doctor is in the house at World Revival Church. Come and receive your healing touch!

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