Revival continues to produce lasting fruit

Revival continues to produce lasting fruit

There are no boundaries in revival. God’s presence supersedes cultural boundaries, age boundaries and even geographical boundaries as it soars out over the internet. The result is life-change that lasts.

Adam from Kansas City was amazed at the lasting effect of prayer he received at WRC. He experienced God’s presence “like a defibrillator… I could feel things being ripped out of me!”

His life-changing experience produced a deep hunger for more of God’s presence. “It wasn’t just a Friday evening thing,” Adam shared. “Saturday morning… Sunday morning… Wednesday… it’s carrying over!”

Grace is a young teen who encountered God in her Blazers group at World Revival Church. (Click here to find out more about the Blazers ministry to middle-school kids!)

“I felt boundaries broken off. I felt like I was a new girl,” she shared of the moment. The effect was lasting. “This morning when I woke up, I didn’t feel the world clinging to me. I felt God. I’m God’s girl. I feel clean… and no fear!”

Juha and Tiina from Finland experienced a “big bang” in their lives when they visited World Revival Church recently. “We found it’s a long-lasting bang,” they shared this past weekend from Finland during the Revival Wired service.

They described how they are continuing to benefit from the experience. Now they have “more love for Jesus, more spiritual authority, more anointing.” Their worship ministry has come up to a totally different level and their personal business is prospering! They’ve made the commitment to follow God more because of his touch on their lives in revival.

No matter your age or cultural background, the presence of God can change you. Come and be our guest. You’ll never be the same again!

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