A restored family offers hope for others

A restored family offers hope for others

God can restore your family! It’s happening at World Revival Church. After 12 years of marriage and two years of separation, Bryant and Amy found their way individually to World Revival Church. They are now a restored family and shared the story of God’s repair in their marriage and family this past weekend.

“I was broken,” Bryant shares. “I was hopeless, my family was hopeless.” He was filled with offenses and couldn’t see past them to his three beautiful children and his wife, Amy.

God touched his life at World Revival Church and restoration began for him first as an individual. “People were pouring life and hope in me. God rescued my life from addiction and abuse.”

Amy and the kids were also attending WRC. “I came in here not thinking God was big enough,” she says, but was touched as the message of life and hope was poured into her.

Amy describes what happened as God worked in their lives, “God proved himself to be bigger! We both came back to the Lord like we never have before.”

Bryant and Amy reconnected with renewed relationships to the Lord and realized God was renewing their marriage as well. As they realized the miracle that was happening, they gathered their children together.

Bryant shares, “We sat our three kids down and told them: God has restored your family!”

Now, Bryant and Amy worship the Lord together as a family at World Revival Church. They are a powerful testimony of what God can do even in the most hopeless situations. If you need restoration, come and receive the healing God provides!

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