Rapid changes - better lives!

Rapid changes - better lives!

“In revival, everything happens faster,” shared Carol, a visitor from Ohio this past weekend at World Revival Church. “The presence of God is so strong here… Understanding happens faster, healings happen faster…”

A lump she had for many years had disappeared over the weekend, and she was excited about all God was doing in her life!

Justice, a young man from Lee’s Summit, also experienced remarkable positive change in his life as he experienced God at WRC. Although he had grown up in church, he began to doubt God’s existence and fell into deep, suicidal depression.

He shared on Sunday how much better his life has become since finding God at WRC. He shared, “The world is just a pain-killer. It doesn’t treat the issues. This place will change your life so you don’t have issues.”

Pastor Steve and Kathy Gray, senior pastors of World Revival Church, work hard to accommodate God’s presence in every single service. “This is not so you can cope better with your problems,” Pastor Steve explained on Sunday, “This is how to change the course of your life.”

Your life can change rapidly when you experience God!

Ready for rapid change in your life? Attend the Inside Out Conference, Thursday, August 9th through Sunday, August 12th. Two full days of sessions, plus powerful evening services and a special night of impartation will set your life on the fast track to BETTER!

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