Kids Ablaze - already touching lives

Kids Ablaze - already touching lives

Kids Ablaze! Hearts on Fire is already touching lives! Released on iTunes August 12, the new children’s worship album hit the charts on iTunes, showing up as #2 in Canada and #4 in the U.S.

Facebook and Twitter were a-buzz with comments and “shares.” “This is an incredible CD! Any child will benefit from having it,” shared Tracy O. Hundreds added their “like” to the announcement of the new CD across the Facebook pages, increasing the overall awareness of the music.

Kids Ablaze! Hearts on Fire is performed by Mary Seidler, children’s worship leader, and kids from the FireHouse Ministry at World Revival Church in Kansas City. “The lyrics are simplistic, but deep, and able to carry the presence of God,” shares Seidler who wrote and composed most of the music for this children’s album.

Birthed out of the revival kids movement at World Revival Church, the new album is a perfect tool for grandparents, parents and children’s ministry leaders. Each song builds a biblical principle in a child’s life to help them know and love God better.

“Music is such a powerful way to help kids connect and stay connected to God.” Steve Gray, president of Steve Gray Ministries and senior pastor of World Revival Church. shared. “If you have kids or are involved in children’s ministry, you’ll want to make sure to get this new worship music album.”

Get your copy of Kids Ablaze! Hearts on Fire now from SGM Publishing. (Available in digital or CD. Songbook available too!)

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