Imagine a class with Pastor Steve and Kathy Gray at WRSM

Imagine a class with Pastor Steve and Kathy Gray at WRSM

World Revival School of Ministry is gearing up for the fall quarter beginning September 6th. Founded by Pastor Steve Gray, this bible college is training leaders to carry revival!

WRSM instructors are pastors and leaders at World Revival Church. Veterans of revival, they’re able to pour into students a solid biblical education coupled with their experiences in revival.

The WRSM fall line-up offers a unique opportunity for students to sit under Pastor Steve and Kathy Gray. Teaching the “Theology of Revival and Reformation” and “Developing a Lifestyle of Faith,” respectively, these classes will transform your theology and your life!

Pastor Steve’s resources are his three books, When the Kingdom Comes, Follow the Fire, and his Amazon best-seller, My Absurd Religion. Students get a behind-the-scenes look at revival, enabling them to lead a move of God and maintain it in their personal lives and in ministry.

Pastor Kathy’s “Developing a Lifestyle of Faith” empowers and equips students to live the kind of life that cultivates Kingdom activity. With a special emphasis on healing and prayer, the impact of this class is immense for those who want to see results from the way they live their lives and the way they pray.

Also teaching this fall are Pastor Tom and Diana, Administrative Pastors of WRC; Pastor Bryan Riportella, Dean of Students at WRSM; J.D. King, International Director of World Revival Network; Pastor Mark Pederson, Pastor of Outreach and Evangelism at WRC; Pastor James Koppang, WRC Youth Pastor; and Laura Woodworth, Public Relations Director for WRC and Steve Gray Ministries.

“WRSM is a new kind of school,” shares Pastor Bryan Riportella. “Our instructors have more than just book learning. They have years of ministry experience and are right now actively involved in a revival that’s reaching the world.”

He adds, “Students can interact with our instructors and that adds a powerful dynamic to the school experience at WRSM. We offer a fresh approach for those who want to be touched, changed and totally impacted by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

If you’re ready for a fresh approach in ministry training, click here for more information about World Revival School of Ministry!

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