Fresh word, fresh resolutions to serve Jesus

Fresh word, fresh resolutions to serve Jesus

There's a freshness to the Word preached at World Revival Church of Kansas City. Whether it's Pastor Steve Gray, Pastor Kathy, or any of the WRC leadership team, you can count on a message that produces fresh resolutions to serve God MORE!

Jeremy Weedman, a graduate of World Revival School of Ministry, took the pulpit this past weekend and spoke a word that pierced hearts and brought lasting change to many. "All we need is a people that are completely resolved to be His!" he encouraged, speaking from Exodus 21 of the servant that pierced his ear, symbolic of a commitment to serve the master.

Exposing the "enslavers" of God's people such as sin, depression, money, individualism and even religion itself, Jeremy declared, "God's people were not intended for chains. They were intended to sit with Christ in heavenly places!"

Jeremy drove the message home by stating, "Tonight is your chance to take hold of a piercing. It's your turn!" Hundreds responded at the altar and powerful decisions were made for Christ. "I decided that I would give my life to the one Master. I woke up this morning with a resolution," Jordan shared. "My call is to do the Master's business!"

Dan was convicted of the choice he had to make that night as he listened to Jeremy speak. "The one thing I needed to do was to run down and 'fix my ear to the doorpost.'" His time at the altar changed him. "I'm so confident that I will serve Jesus! I have that renewal and revival inside of me!"

Deanie felt like she had lost her commitment to serve God. At the altar that night, she made a fresh commitment, "I looked in the eyes of every other master and I said, 'I choose Jesus over all!'"

Jesus is the focus of the revival at World Revival Church. Grab hold of revival - and grab hold of a fresh chance to serve Him!


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