A family with no fear

A family with no fear

Families are thriving in the atmosphere of revival at World Revival Church. James and Jill Koppang shared this past Sunday of the tremendous fruit they’re seeing in their kids and in their home life.

“My family has no fear,” shared James, “they know they have a God.” As a dad, husband and business-owner, it’s a powerful thing for him to come home after work to a household that’s happy and secure in God.

Jill says that being at World Revival Church has taught their family how to live life. “It’s amazing to hear my kids say things like, ‘I love life’ or ‘Does it get any better than this?’”

In a society where many parents battle signs of sadness and depression in their growing children, Jill loves hearing 7 year-old Isaiah say, “ This is the best day ever!”

Pastors Steve and Kathy Gray work hard to accommodate God’s presence in the services at World Revival Church – a presence that dispels fear. “There’s a sense here at WRC that God is here to help. You’re not going to be overwhelmed by life situations,” shares Pastor Steve.

“There’s not a lot of fear here,” he adds.

James and Jill encourage other families to visit World Revival Church. “Give God a chance to change and do something in your life,” says James, “Even if you feel like, ‘My life is pretty good,’ it can get better.”

Life gets better at World Revival Church. Bring your family and be our guest for any of these weekend services!

  • Sunday, 10 a.m. Service for the whole family, plus kid’s ministry for ages 0-5.
  • Thursday, 7 p.m. Prayer service for adults and classes for kids and youth!
  • Friday, 7 p.m. Service for the whole family; kid’s ministry for ages 0-5.
  • Saturday, 7 p.m. Classes for all ages alternating with special services for the family!

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