Explosive anointing for a new era

Explosive anointing for a new era

The Inside Out Conference had an explosive impact on the lives of first-time visitors as well as long-standing members of the congregation of World Revival Church. Every aspect of the conference packed a powerful punch in preparing God’s people for a new era of Christianity.

“If God loves us, we must be turned inside out. We must be shaken!” Pastor Steve Gray started the weekend with intense words of conviction, “We need a revival of passion and love for God… An event - or events are coming that will show the current religious system a foul odor in the nostrils of God.”

His resounding words, “Give me Jesus!” prompted a powerful response towards the altar. Amanda S. shared about the moment on Facebook, “[It was] the most powerful night of my life! Turn me inside out Jesus!!” Sandy M. shared, “Powerful service tonight!! Repented! Decisions made!”

Saturday’s impartation service brought more people to the altar. Pastor Steve explained the purpose of the service, “The concept of impartation is throughout the Bible. This is to prepare you for who you’re supposed to be in the years to come.”

Pastor Reyes had first visited WRC three years ago and was inspired. “God touched us mightily. We went back and got busy,” he shared. The Saturday night service was one of the prime reasons he attended the Inside Out Conference, with the intent to “receive the apostolic anointing that resides in this house through this leadership.”

Pastor Oliver Conner traveled from Australia to be at the conference. “I had to be here. I had to come… it’s changing me!”

Many hearts were revived this weekend – and made ready to be God’s people of influence for a new era.

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