Adding to the church - Welcome, new members!

Adding to the church - Welcome, new members!

Welcome, new WRC members! Every other month, people from the Kansas City area attend the 4-week new member’s class at World Revival Church. Led by Pastors Tom and Diana Trout, these classes give people a look into the life and history of WRC, offering them an opportunity to join the growing congregation.

This past weekend, 26 new members and their children were added to the WRC congregation. Richard and Terri moved from Oklahoma to join the church and have seen wonderful transformations in their family.

“God has done so much,” Terri shared. “Our kids are worshiping and praising God – because they know they can.”

Originally from Alabama, Frank and Melissa feel they owe their lives to WRC. “The spirit of religion was so strong [where we lived], it just sucked the life out of us,” Frank said.

After multiple bad church experiences, Melissa wouldn’t even go to church – until they connected with World Revival Church. They now live nearby in Lee’s Summit and are excited about the new opportunities to serve God at WRC.

Members of WRC serve in many areas, helping share revival with the Kansas City community and the world! Opportunities abound to be involved in this global outreach and include running cameras, helping with TV production, children’s ministry, greeting, ushering and more.

Interested in becoming a member? Call our church office at 1.816.763.0708 to sign up for the next new member’s class beginning in July!

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