Young Adults

Young adults in revival - crying out to God!

As reported by a World Revival Church young adult – Tonight in Young Adults at World Revival Church, we cried out to God! It's so rare to see a group of young people with great lives, still humble enough to get on their faces and worship God. It's always so exciting to know that God responds to His people… he can, does and will come down!

He came close and His spirit flowed as young adults began to share what was on their hearts about Jesus being our salvation. We learned that WE can be the demonstration of salvation for others.


The LORD Reigns! - Young adults in revival share

I was shouting it out loud, really loud…in the middle of the sanctuary! Worship Leader Dustin Smith had just given a powerful message at World Revival Church of Kansas City. He preached on the way that our perception of God and the availability of His power has been skewed. He said that we've begun to see God as the One who was, and is to come, but have forgotten the Almighty God who reigns right now!


I will never be the same - Testimonies of young adults in revival

By Jordan Eubanks

The first distinct memory I have of experiencing the presence of God was in a small white church building. I don’t remember very much about what happened that day. What I do remember is that it placed a drive in me to always follow Jesus, and a longing for all He is.


An urgency to narrow our lives - Young adults share

Blog written by World Revival Church young adults:

As the three-week series on Jesus as the true vine, the gate and the good shepherd wrapped up, it was evident that the depth gleaned from the extended study period in the Young Adult ministry at World Revival Church was amazing. Three topics, which can often be treated as traditional, easily-dismissed metaphors concerning the identity of Jesus, were revived to produce a deeper revelation of His divine nature.