Blazers - What it means to me

Submitted by Allyson King

Blazers has changed my life. I feel like I’m 20 times closer to God than I have ever been because of this kid’s ministry. Blazers adds the perfect balance of fun and games and God. God is fun, so it’s easy to fit in.

The Blazers teachers have stood the test of time. They really care about you and your relationships with God and other people. I was really scared about moving up from the FireHouse ministry, but the teachers have made it an easy transition.


A wall of Jr. Highers

Blazers are showing an amazing increase in the junior high hunger and seriousness for the presence of God! We have been teaching and pulling on them to dig things out in the Word, lead worship, give a sermon, give the offering, etc., so that this becomes theirs and not just a time where they come and sit.


Junior Highers learn how to BLAZE for God

BLAZERS - a place to teach junior highers how to blaze a trail and stay on fire for God. It doesn't matter how old you are - you can carry revival.

On Thursday nights at 7:00 pm, we learn how to pray, worship, preach, and teach others about God. Although we like to have fun, that's not the focus of this Jr. High ministry. These teens are learning what it means to carry revival. Not only do we experience the Presence of God, but we learn how to be a participant and contributor to revival.

Here's some things that have happened so far this summer in Blazers:


Blazers test

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