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The "more blessed" place and a movie update

Wouldn’t you love to step into a better place, a better way of living? I shared over the weekend at World Revival Church that there’s a “more blessed” place that’s available to God’s people, just by paying attention to the words of Jesus.

When encouraging the believers in Ephesus, Paul quotes Jesus who told them that it is “more blessed to give than receive.” Something happens when you give!

Giving is self-perpetuating. It’s a mode you get yourself into. And once you get into that giving mode, you begin to move into the realm of the “more blessed.”

Spreading revival through movies

Yep, it’s possible. And we’re doing it with the movie Three Blind Saints.

Everybody loves a good story, a good movie. Every night of the week, you can bet that people are making their way to the theater or downloading a DVD for entertainment.

Why not reach them where they’re at?

That was my thinking as I wrote the screenplay for Three Blind Saints. Using comedy and a good story, I wove the theology of revival into the dialogue without coming off sounding preachy or religious.

Don't walk away sad

Think of it: rich young ruler. Opportunity of a lifetime. He decides the cost is too high to follow Jesus and walks away sad. (See Luke 18 –)

Most people I know are doing the same thing in their lives. God is holding out his presence and they’re walking away sad.

I think it’s because of a misunderstanding of what God is calling you to do.

First, let’s shake off the traditional religious thinking of what “sell all you have and give to the poor” really means. In Bible culture, a percentage would have been given to the poor and you’d have the rest to live on.

The fight we're in (or No room for passive Christianity)

Yep, we’re in a fight. A fight for revival in God’s churches, a fight for healing, a fight for your life!

Don’t believe me? Read your bible!

Paul talked about the weapons of our warfare in Ephesians. If God has given us weapons and Paul’s speaking to us about OUR warfare… then I’d say there’s a fight on our hands!

There’s no room for passive Christianity. We’ve got to pick up our weapons and be prepared to fight. Be a David and RUN TOWARDS THE BATTLE!

Special impartation service - equipping the 5-fold ministry!

Kathy and I are spending two days at Branson with the family, trying to catch our breath a little... yet the ministry work never ceases. My family sometimes wishes cell phones did not exist!

While we’ve been away, you’ve been on our minds. We feel like this weekend is a good time to set aside special ministry moments for you. We’ve planned two special nights…

Is the power of God gone?

Read a Bible commentary or sit in most churches and they’ll tell you yes. Visit the revival at World Revival Church and listen to all the testimonies of healings and miracles and true life-change and you’ve got to rethink this answer!

One of my favorite scriptures is 2 Peter 1:3, “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness…” Now, think with me on this: if God has called us to live holy lives (which he has) how are we going to do it unless we have his divine power?

More effective evangelism and the movie Three Blind Saints

It’s easy to win people if you know what they want! Revival helps us become who we need to be in God. It “gives us the goods” to reach people with his powerful presence!

As I shared last week, my life got easier when I started thinking in terms of “what do people want?”

When I found myself working with Hollywood producers, actors and directors. I was thinking through… What is it they want/need that I have to give them? I was able to reach into their lives when I thought in these terms.

Evangelism that works

Mention “evangelism” and it conjures up different images in different people. Most people think revival is outreach, but really, revival is for the church… and evangelism grows out of a life-filled dynamic congregation!

This past weekend, I compared evangelism to making money: it’s easy to make money if you have something that people want. Have a great product that people want - or create in them the need and desire for it - and you’re going to have a booming business.

Revival gives courage!

This weekend of revival was a weekend of encouragement! It seems that both Kathy and I were speaking to the hearts of God’s people, telling you to “keep going!”

A message from God is always going to tell you to go more, do more, love him more. I’ve found that the more you erase yourself from the equation of life, the better life gets!

God is the God of encouragement. He gives courage to you – so you can give courage to others. Tough times teach us to shake free of our self-reliance and to look to the only One who can get us through.

Don't take off your armor! (A revival lesson...)

People at World Revival Church are the real product of God moving powerfully among his people. And we’ve fought hard in revival for them to experience the victories you’re seeing on the screen.

There’s a lot of boasting going on in religion. It reminds me of when the king of Israel was being threatened by Ben-Hadad, king of Aram. (See IKings 20.) Ben-Hadad was pretty confident in himself, boasting in his victory over Israel when he hadn’t even reached the battle field.