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National Back to Church Sunday

Knock on the doors of any neighborhood and you’ll hear the same thing: “I used to go to church…” “I know I should get back…” National Back to Church Sunday offers the chance for us to reach into people’s lives with love and compassion to get them BACK TO CHURCH!

It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. For those who have walked away, the grace of God is powerful to restore them to his presence – but repentance is the way to receive it.

Run - it's the best way to help people!

Want to help people? Want to see the lame healed? The best thing you can do to reach them is to throw off every hindrance in your life and start running for God.

In Hebrews 12, Paul encourages us to throw off everything that hinders, everything that’s slowing us down in the race for God’s glory.

Are you hindered by fear? Rebellion? Pride? Or is your hindrance the internet or entertainment? The Bible tells you to throw it off. Make a decision to be free of these things that are weighing on your life and RUN!

Give me Jesus!

Bottom line for this new era? Give me Jesus. You can have your stately meetings and your places of importance. For me, I want Jesus. I want his approval over the approval of man.

That’s what this life is all about. The battle we’re engaged in is a battle of LOYALTY. Who will you give your loyalty to?

Elijah literally went to battle against the gods of the age on Mount Carmel. He took a bold stand for the Lord – and as he did, it empowered the people to respond to God. “Answer me, O Lord, answer me, so the people will know YOU ARE GOD.”

Don't go cheap with God

God wants to bless you. He’s like a good dad that likes to take care of his kids. But often, we’re looking for the big-time blessings when we’ve forgotten a clear Biblical principle: you reap what you sow.

I Corinthians 3 talks about the fire testing the quality of each man’s work, whether it’s gold, silver and costly stones – or wood, hay and straw. Sow gold, and you’ll reap gold. Sow silver and costly stones, and you’ll reap something valuable. Sow straw, and – well, you get my point.

Making God a priority

I’ve noticed that World Revival Church tends to attract people who want more of God. The best way to get God more active in your life is to make him a priority.

Making God a priority means giving him more than just one hour on a Sunday morning. It’s pretty amazing to see what God will do in your life when you start giving more of your time to him!

Evangelism redefined

Use the word evangelism, and people get nervous about what you’re asking them to do. Knock on doors? Preach to my neighbors? Carry tracts to work?

Revival has redefined evangelism and what it looks like. If you’ve got a revived church, you’ve got a new way of reaching people. You won’t have to coerce them – you’ve just got to be a life-giver.

Anybody can be a life-giver, because Jesus is THE life-giver. He’s poured your life into you and now your job is just to let it continue to spill out to those around you.

Something fresh from God

Over the years of revival, we have had some great moments in God. Explosive, life-changing, calendar-marking moments… but they weren’t free. People paid a sacrifice for those moments. Kathy and I and many others gave of our lives to accommodate what God wanted to do at World Revival Church.

Prosperity - confirming the covenant

Although religion has glorified and deified poverty, you need to know that biblically, God wants to prosper you. It’s a covenant thing between God and his people.

God wants to get involved in your whole life – including your financial picture!

Typical “prosperity teaching” gives a blanket blessing of prosperity, but in his Word, God has established certain things we must do to see blessing on our lives. Let’s look at Deuteronomy 8: