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The Fruit of Change

I have a plaque hanging on my office wall that says, "God wants spiritual fruit not religious nuts." I like the smell and the taste of fresh fruit. I like the fruit that the changing seasons bring. Oranges and applies in the Fall and Winter, grapes, cantelope and watermelon in the late Spring and early Summer.

There are at least three characteristics of fruit. The first is that fruit is visible. Be careful of fruit trees that bear no fruit. If you are spiritually healthy, people will see love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Conflict at Christmas Time

I could hear her from three store aisles away. Phone to her ear and venom coming from her mouth, "I am so sick of this, you are ruining Christmas for everyone. Just shut up and grow up," click. Conflict at Christmas time is usually not the problem, it is your reaction to it that is. When conflict comes people tend to focus on themselves, and then it becomes selfish. Everyone has conflict at some time.

Real Love

The concept of love has been so abused and misued today that you can hide almost anything behind it. Most people know they need love, but where to find it and how to know if its real is another question. One of the things you will find in World Revival Church is real love. The Bible declares that God is love. There is no definition of love that means much of anything unless it begins and is rooted in God. No matter how you define love, if it doesn't begin with God, its going to be flawed. It will be incomplete, unbalanced, or incorrect because God's character defines love.

Becoming and being a person of integrity

As a parent or teacher you probably expect the respect of your own children or the children you teach.  You may desire the honor and loyalty of the people you work with or attend school with.  You may think that you deserve their respect but what should you do if you don't have it?  The answer is you are going to have to earn it or work for it.  You are going to have to earn what probably should be yours.  You earn respect by becoming a person of integrity.  How do you show that you are a person of integrity?  The same way God demonstrated integrity with you.  You become a person of your wo

Relentless and Courageous

Can you be doing the right thing and still seem to be losing the battle?

God had commmanded the men of Israel, telling them, "Go out and fight against them" (Judges 20:23) The Israelite's battle was against Benjamin's wickedness.

The Israelites went into battle thinking that God would give them the victory the first time! Instead, they were defeated twice before they prevailed.

Time to Take off the Training Wheels

Grandsons Caden and Dawson are learning to ride bicycles. Riding their bikes down the block, we walk, and sometimes run alongside them as they peddle away with their little legs. 

Helping them can be a little scary because they both "feel the need for speed," but they don't have enough experience to ride safely or sanely. Right now their bikes have training wheels because their balance is not that good, and they help to stay on the sidewalk. 

Pursuing A Private Devotion That matches Your Public Passion

When I began to become in love with my wife Mary, I dropped all the other 'loves" and pursued only her. What I felt about her in private became a passionate, somewhat public (I wanted people to know she was the only one for me, by my actions and attitudes) pace of pursuit. I found out what she likes, and what would keep bringing her close.

Covenant that brings a commitment of change to live long and strong in marriage

I received a call from a young, out of state couple, whose wedding I officated this summer. I remember her asking, at the age of 14, and that was six years ago, if I would perform her wedding ceremony, and I said yes. Things change over the years, but her request didn't, and so this summer I had the privilege, and the responsiblity to counsel with them, and then perform thier wedding. Per our conversation on the phone, I was glad to hear their marriage is on the move, they are changing, growing closer together, and getting along doing it.