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Squeeze the Day!

There is a famous quote that says "every man dies, but not every man truly lives".

As we start the new year I encourage you to Squeeze the Day!

I have come to understand that most people either live in the past desiring the good ol days or they live longing for the future when "all the pieces have come together". 

By the way if you are older you probably look to your past and if you are on the younger side you will tend to look toward the future for a better day. 

Expect the Best!

Have you ever wondered how a coach can turn a bunch of young hooligans into champions?

What is the difference between a coach who always has losing teams and one who year after year produces champions?

It comes down to their EXPECTATIONS!

Coaches that produce champions expect the best out of their players.  And even if they have a squad of misfits, when they expect the best, they tend to bring out the best in them.

Here is a word for youth pastors and parents: Your teenagers will rise to whatever level you expect!

Revival Changes Everything!

Hi and welcome to my blog! I'm James Koppang, Youth Pastor here at World Revival Church.

I have been a part of this church for 11 years now, man time flies when you are having fun!  I have been working with the youth for 8 years, 5 of those being the pastor. 

One thing I have learned in revival is that it changes everything, including how we do youth ministry!