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You’re not on your own

Everyone needs prayer! I remember wishing at different times in my life that there was someone that would encourage and pray with me. With everything that comes at you everyday... job, family, bills, and such - people need prayer more than ever.

The church I grew up in only offered prayer if you were dying or getting saved. Sounds like a pretty empty space between the two. What did you do between salvation and death?

The Power of a 4x6 Card

Ever felt tied to the past? Like everything was written out for all the world to see? Maybe even hoping all the world would see? On one occasion, we had a woman proudly carrying a 4x6 card as she came into the House of Hope and Healing.  On it she had written everything that was wrong with her.  It was completely full and there was not one white space left.

Miracles are for today!

Welcome! My name is Heather Eschenbaum, Director of the House of Hope and Healing. I have had the privilege of being a part of the House for almost eight years. The House of Hope and Healing was pioneered by Pastor Steve and Kathy to enable people from all over the world to experience God. I have seen thousands of people walk through our doors hurting and broken. After prayer they walk out with new hope and restored LIFE!