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New Song - Glorious (mp3 & chords)

One of the most requested songs I have been doing in our services lately is a song called Glorious.  It was written by Jenny Fehr from Fatih Alive in Saskatoon, SK.  I have had the privelage of getting to know this church over the past couple of years and I even had the chance to minsiter there a few months ago.  Their pastors, ministry and worship are awesome and they have several songwriters (Jaime Snider, Bailey Rudoski and Jenny) that are writing incredible songs.  They are becomming the chroniclers of what God has been doing in their church.  If you have never checked them out - you sh

The Invisible Realm

I teach a sound class here at our School of Ministry and the other day we were talking about sound waves and radio waves.  It is amazing to think that hundreds of radio stations are playing right now all around you.  They are not visible waves but you have the ability to tap into them when ever you want to.  All you need is a receiver.  If you have a receiver then you have the ability to tune in whatever station you want.  It is amazing how easy it is to just move the dial slightly to the right or the left and you will tune out one station and tune in another.

Do what you say!

I was watching some "Christian" tv the other night and they were singing a worship song that is pretty familiar to just about everyone (thank you Time Life!).  The band sounded great and the worship leader was singing his heart out but when they showed a shot of the crowd the response was disappointing.  At some point I will talk about the strength of corporate worship but what got my attention was not that nothing corporately seemed to be happening but that there was no response from the congregation at all.  I guess I  take that back.  There was something corporately happening ~ N

Power Music - Worship Music Software

I have been getting a lot of calls and emails asking what computer program I use on the stage in place of sheet music.  The program is called Power Music.  It is easy to use and it is a great way to help keep all of your team on the same page.  Not to mention no more photocopying or 1,000 pound music books.  It is very affordable!  Check it out!  http://www.cambronsoftware.co.uk/products/software/power-music.html